Rachael Hatton LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
197 Woodland Pkwy Ste 104 #1018
San Marcos, California 92069
ADA Accessible
Phone: 8587037620
Narrative of Services:

My primary emphasis in my practice is treating individuals with OCD and related disorders. About 95% of my practice is devoted to treating individuals with OCD, Hoarding, BDD, Tourette’s/Tics, Hair Pulling, and Skin Picking. I provide both individual and group therapy, and have run an ongoing free support group that supports individuals with OC spectrum disorders, their friends and family members, and provides education to other professionals/students.

Training Description:

I started learning about the treatment for OCD during my Masters program in 2008. After completing my masters, I was trained by senior clinicians and psychiatrists at UCSD who work with OC spectrum disorders. I spent the next three years under supervision of an OCD specialist in a private practice setting. I have attended and presented at OCD conferences, and I continue to co-lead a support group for OC spectrum disorders.