Abby Hauer LPC

8600 E Via De Ventura
Suite 202
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I work with OCD, ADHD, and Trauma co-occurring clients. While also stand alone diagnosis. I have treated over 30 people with severe OCD/ OCD occurring diagnosis. I am primarily an exposure therapist helping clients learn to widen their window of tolerance while holding compassion throughout this struggle.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I treat ADHD, Trauma and OCD co-occurring. Treatment looks different based on individual differences. Starts with assessments, psychoeducation, treatment planing, Identifying interventions that will be most helpful (ERP, ACT, DBT-PE, CBT, Polyvagal, Somatic therapy, Motivational interviewing), Homework can be expected between sessions.

Training Description:

Worked as a lead IOP therapist at the OCD & Anxiety Treatment center for a year with severe co-ocurring disorders. Working with DBT-PE/ DBT/ ERP exclusively
Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP): The Knowledge Tree by Becky Beaton-York. Treating Trauma & PTSD Training/ PE for PTSD certificates. Polyvagal guide to treating Anxiety certificate. Cognitive processing therapy certificate. CBT mindfulness Certificate. ACT 2 day intensive by Daniel J Moran. IOCDF conference attendance last year. IFS certificate.

Diversity Statement:

I have completed an anti-racism training, lead by:Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso- a project of Borderland Rainbow Center. Each year I go to a conference learning about the intersectionality of identities and how they impact each client differently. I have worked with a fair share of diverse populations.