Michael Heady LCPC


Co-Director, Anxiety & Stress Disorders Institute

6525 N. Charles St
Gibson Building, Suite 224
Towson, Maryland 21204
United States
ADA Accessible
Phone: 410-938-8449
Narrative of Services:

I provide individual evidence-based treatment for OCD, anxiety disorders, and related conditions. I offer ERP, in vivo, and interoceptive exposures when needed. I also offer inference-based CBT (I-CBT), which is an evidence-based, non-exposure treatment for OCD. Nearly 100% of my caseload are clients struggling with OCD and related conditions.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I specialize in the treatment of panic disorder, GAD, social anxiety, blood-injury-injection phobia, and depression. I approach these concerns from a Metacognitive Therapy lens and incorporate ACT, ERP, and mindfulness into treatment as needed.
I also offer inference-based CBT (I-CBT) for OCD which is a non-exposure treatment.

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD and related conditions for 16 years. I am on the faculty of the IOCDF’s Training Institute and run clinical consultation groups and produce professional training webinars. I have attended and presented at annual conferences for the IOCDF and the Anxiety & Depression Association of America for years. I have extensive training and mentoring in the application of evidence-based treatments such as CBT/ERP, ACT, MCT, and I-CBT.