Michael Heady, LCPC

Gibson Building, 6525 N Charles St
Suite 224
Towson, Maryland 21204

Narrative of Services:

I provide individual evidence-based treatment for anxiety, OCD, and mood disorders. I offer all forms of exposure therapy including ERP, in vivo, interoceptive, and imaginal. Approximately 1/2 of all my clients have OCD or OC-related disorders.

Training Description:

I’ve been treating OCD and OC-related disorders for 9-years. I received extensive post-graduate training and supervision with the Anxiety & Stress Disorders Institute of MD in the application of CBT and ERP for OCD and all of the anxiety disorders. I also have extensive training in the application of third-wave therapies including ACT and MBCT. I regularly attend annual workshops on anxiety and OCD treatment through the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.