Alyssa Hoffman, PsyD, HSPP

6411 South East Street
Suite A
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

Narrative of Services:

Since focusing on gaining treatment knowledge and experience to treat OCD, I have provided treatment to several clients utilizing ERP. The majority of my practice consists of clients who experience OCD or anxiety disorders, and I continue to shift my practice to specialize with individuals who experience such symptoms. While my clinical focus is treating OCD in children and adolescents, I have experience working with adults and provide treatment when there are barriers for a client to connect with another ERP therapist.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

With a clinical background in CBT, working with children and adolescents, and treating anxiety, I began focusing my practice on OCD and related anxiety disorders in 2018. To increase my knowledge and ability to support clients with these symptoms, I have completed the online training course in Pediatric OCD offered by Massachusetts General Hospital and completed the Pediatric BTTI. I enjoy reading about OCD, being part of the community of OCD therapists, and learning from my clients.