Alyssa Hoffman PsyD, HSPP

360 S. Madison Ave
Ste 204
Greenwood, Indiana 46142
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I primarily offer services for children and adolescents wishing to address symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias. Alongside that, my therapeutic approach is also geared toward other presentations of anxiety, perfectionism, and obsessional guilt. I offer treatment from various research supported modalities, including ERP, ACT, SPACE, and I-CBT. I make a point to explore available treatment options with each child and family to help ensure willingness, engagement, and understanding of our chosen treatment approach. While not a specialization, I have gained experience working with autistic children and teens as well when OCD and anxiety are primary concerns.

Training Description:

With a clinical background in CBT, working with children and adolescents, and treating anxiety, I began focusing my practice on OCD and related anxiety disorders in 2018. To increase my knowledge and ability to support clients with these symptoms, I have completed the online training course in Pediatric OCD offered by Massachusetts General Hospital and completed the Pediatric BTTI. I have furthered my specialization through attending several online OCD conferences, obtaining training in Inference-Based CBT, and participating in ongoing consultation and learning groups around ERP, ACT, and I-CBT.