Jenny Howe, CMHC

120 South Main Street
Kaysville, Utah 84037

Narrative of Services:

My practice treats about 50% OCD and related disorders, but will be expanding to offering an intensive 3 session a week option to amplify Exposure Response Prevention and treatment options for OCD clientele. I offer in person and video therapy, with clients based world wide.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have worked for nearly 20 years with children, adolescents and families, treating Anxiety and OCD. I have worked inside the public school system and within a private residential facility as a primary therapist specialized in treating Anxiety and OCD. Now, practicing privately, I treat Anxiety and OCD using research based methods, specifically Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy.

Diversity Statement:

I had graduate level courses in cultural competency and working with diverse populations and spent many years of my training working with a diverse population of adolescents within both the correctional system and underprivileged schools.