Angelique Howington Works LPC-MHSP


Clinical Director & Owner

95 White Bridge Pike
Suite 400
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
ADA Accessible
Phone: 615-570-1190
Narrative of Services:

My group specializes in OCD and 90% of the clients I see suffer from OCD/OC Related Disorders. Other clinicians in my practice see about 50% OCD Clients.

Training Description:

I have been working with OCD clients since 2015. I have been working in a private setting since 2017. I have been supervised by BTTI Trained supervisors as well as completing the BTTI training myself. I also have 20 CE credits through multiple companies for OCD Training.

Diversity Statement:

At my practice we aim to be inclusive and mindful of the diversity of everyone who comes through our doors. we are passionate about building a community where mental health matters and equitable care is accessible to all races, ethnicities, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, ages, sexual orientations, gender expressions, religions, and cultures.