Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC

16901 North Dallas Parkway
Suite 107
Dallas, Texas 75244

Narrative of Services:

Counseling in a group private practice, I specialize in compulsive disorders (OCD, Addictions) as well as successfully treating disorders involving depression, anxiety, and relationships. As human functioning and growth is multi-faceted, my experience in several areas keeps me fresh not only with OCD, but overall healthy functioning.

One third of my full-time case-load is with OCD and Related Disorders, most commonly helping “just right” orderliness/perfectionism, scrupulosity, checking, contamination, and intrusive thoughts. I have some experience with Illness Anxiety and Trichotillomania. My primary methodology is CBT and ERP, utilizing the latest research and application of evidence-based strategies for effective treatment.

As a specialist in OCD and Addiction, co-occurring disorders are often treated in my practice. Thorough assessment is my standard approach, and this is done ongoing to best determine the prioritization of treatment focus. When any area becomes a detour to continued work, a “triage” approach is taken to address what clinically needs attention first.

Training Description:

Since 2008, I gained my initial clinical experience with OCD through a Dallas clinic’s day hospital (PHP/IOP) and later in an inpatient program. An acumen was developed clinically along with a personal heart for those experiencing the hurts and pain caused by the brain disorder of OCD. I have continued to pursue specialization through the intensive BTTI training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston- and am currently finishing supervision. I have also personally pursued private supervision/training with a BTTI-trained senior therapist.

Diversity Statement:

Race/Ethnicity: White, Caucasian, or European American

Experienced in working with many different backgrounds, I have had clients of most walks/backgrounds of life who have found benefit in our work together.