Justin K. Hughes MA, LPC


Owner, Dallas Counseling, PLLC

17330 Preston Rd
Suite 102D
Dallas, Texas 75252
Narrative of Services:

A therapist since 2007, I am in a group private practice. The majority of my work is dedicated to the treatment of OCD and its presentations (contamination, harm, incompleteness, and unacceptable thoughts). My style is “hands-on,” offering patience, humor, kindness, and evidence-based strategies for effective treatment. My primary methodology is CBT and ERP- with adjunct MI and ACT to facilitate outcomes. Furthermore, I have extensive experience with compulsive “stuck” patterns of thought and behavior, additionally specializing in Addictions and as a Generalist. My experience in several domains assists in treating not only OCD, but comorbid disorders and overall healthy functioning.

My expertise in co-occurring disorders (such as Substance Use Disorders, Panic/Anxiety, Trauma, ADHD, Depression, and Bipolar) involves thorough, ongoing assessment. A triage approach is used for “detours” to address what first needs clinical attention (e.g., if panic attacks are blocking progress with OCD, first addressing them). Treatment plans are based on your needs and best practices, providing resources in and outside therapy. When treatment is complete, or conversely, if you would be better served elsewhere, a review will be made and you will be given options and recommendations for continued growth and follow-up.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

In 2007, I gained my initial clinical experience with OCD through a Dallas clinic’s day hospital (PHP/IOP) and later in an Inpatient program. An acumen was developed clinically along with a personal heart for those experiencing the hurts and pain of OCD. I have continued to pursue specialization through the intensive BTTI training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I received my supervision from a member of the IOCDF’s Scientific Advisory Board, affiliated with Harvard Medical School. I continue to pursue ongoing private supervision and collaboration with another senior therapist who is BTTI and UT Southwestern trained.

Diversity Statement:

Experienced with many diverse backgrounds, most populations have found benefit in our work together. I offer multicultural sensitivity, respect for all, and consistent treatment as a practice standard. I uniquely offer Christian counseling when requested, which commonly provides a special framework for this population of those struggling with scrupulosity or matters of spiritual growth. In addition to rigorous training in counseling psychology, I have completed the equivalent of a Master’s degree in theology. People of varied faiths have come to my practice due to the additional awareness, training, and appreciation for spiritual matters.