Kelsey Irving LPC, LCMHC

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
ADA Accessible
Phone: 856-827-3010
Narrative of Services:

About 80% of Kelsey’s caseload is comprised of individuals who have OCD. When not treating those with obsessive compulsive related disorders, Kelsey also works with health care professionals seeking counseling for the specific challenges they face in the field.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Many times, OCD coexists with other mental health diagnoses. I have experience treating a co-occurrence of OCD and Depression, Mood disorders, Trauma, BDD, and Substance Use Disorder.

Training Description:

Kelsey has years of experience treating OCD, perfectionism, and general anxiety, among others. She aims to guide clients to better manage their anxiety so that they can regain freedom and independence from OCD.
Before starting her own practice, Kelsey was trained in ERP and ACT during her time as an employee at Rogers Behavioral Health, a recognized nationwide treatment facility for OCD and anxiety disorders.

Diversity Statement:

Kelsey is well versed in treating multicultural populations, as this was a strong focus of her Masters education. Located in the heart of New York City, Fordham University’s Masters program had a strong emphasis on cultural competency and how to effectively treat members of multicultural populations.