Christine Izquierdo PsyD


OCD and Anxiety Specialist

1180 S Beverly Dr
STE 750
Los Angeles, California 90035
ADA Accessible
Phone: 4247770520
Narrative of Services:

Straight Up Treatment works primarily with clients that struggle with OCD-spectrum and anxiety related challenges. About 60% of clients working with a Straight Up clinician present with OC related challenges. The remaining percentage of clients present with some type of anxiety related challenge such as social anxiety, panic attacks, depressed mood, lack of purpose, insomnia, work or school impairment, relationship dissatisfaction, anxiety/stress related health issues, etc.

Training Description:

Dr. Christine is the owner of Straight Up Treatment and has over 10 years of experience treating OCD-spectrum, anxiety, and other stress-related challenges. She obtained her doctorate degree in health psychology and received specialized training as a health psychologist, working in a variety of large healthcare and wellness organizations. Dr. Christine and her team use modern, evidence-based approaches to help adults, teens, children, and parents overcome stress, anxiety, and OCD challenges. Her group practice mission is to help clients strengthen courage, resilience, and esteem to live the life they actually want to be living.

Treatment Groups:

Parent Skill Building for Childhood OCD and Anxiety
Twice monthly virtual sessions, 60 minutes per session
$75 per session, 6 session commitment