Tejal Jakatdar PhD


Founder and Director/Clinical Psychologist

1900 The Alameda
Suite 610/630
San Jose, California 95126
ADA Accessible
Phone: 408-475-1665
Narrative of Services:

We provide comprehensive evaluation and therapy services for OCD and related disorders. We have expertise in exposure and response prevention (ERP). About 90% of the clients are OCD sufferers. We provide supervision, consultation, trainings, and workshops.

I have expertise in treating OCD, BDD, BFRBs, all anxiety and mood disorders, perinatal OCD and depression, perfectionism, OCPD, ARFID, and SPACE. I use treatment strategies that fall under the umbrella of cognitive behavioral therapy, borrowing heavily from acceptance and commitment therapy. I can help you live a meaningful life by learning to cope with OCD and co-occuring problems effectively.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

All anxiety disorders, mood disorders, ARFID, and SPACE

Training Description:

I have 14 years of experience in treating OCD and related disorders. I completed internships and externships at Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Columbia University and Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center with a specific emphasis on OCD and spectrum disorders. I completed my post-doctoral training at Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Philadelphia. I joined the practice as a partner. I have completed the BTTI Peds training. I am also on the faculty of BTTI. I have supervised practicum and post-doctoral students on OCD cases and continue to do consultations for clinicians, including for BTTI.

Diversity Statement:

As an immigrant from India, I am keenly aware of how culture and family values shape a person. Having lived in 2 very different cultures, I have learned to understand cases from both the complexity of the diagnosis and the cultural implications. I am well aware of the impact that family pressures, high expectations, challenges with independence, and language and cultural adaptations can have on mood and anxiety. As such, I am sensitive to cultural issues when devising treatment interventions with clients of different ethnicities.