Albert Jerome PhD


Ashburn Psychological Services

44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza
Suite 251
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Narrative of Services:

My primary focus is cognitive-behavioral treatment for OCD and other anxiety disorders. I provide evidence-based treatment that emphasizes exposure with response prevention (ERP) for OCD, and also incorporates cognitive and mindfulness strategies, as appropriate. I am flexible regarding frequency and length of treatment sessions. The schedule can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients, and home visits or exposure “field trips” can be arranged, as needed. I work in a private practice that includes three psychiatrists, with whom I collaborate for medication management.

Training Description:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in treating OCD and other anxiety disorders. My internship focused on cognitive-behavioral therapy with anxiety disorders, and I began to specialize with OCD during my post-doctoral training. Since completing my formal training (Ph.D. in 1990), I have continued to focus on OCD through intensive study and continuing education. I have extensive experience with the entire range of clinical presentation of OCD and related disorders: contamination and washing; checking; ordering and arranging; hoarding; scrupulosity; perfectionism and moral concerns; harming, sexual, or aggressive thoughts and images; purely obsessional OCD (no obvious outward compulsions) and “not just right” phenomena. I also work with related disorders such as health anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder (severe worry), body dysmorphic disorder, tics, trichotillomania (hair pulling), and skin picking.