Patty Johnson PsyD


Clinical Psychologist

1122 Westgate St
Suite 201A
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
United States
Narrative of Services:

I have provided exposure and response prevention treatment in my office and most importantly, within natural environments such as clients’ homes and public places where symptoms are triggered.

My life experience as an Indian woman with immigrant parents, having raised biracial children and living in diverse communities strongly informs my work. Further, I have a wide range of professional experience treating clients of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual identities.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders: I treat the overlap of depressive and anxiety disorders, which often occur together. I also treat co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders, with the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and identification of triggers, barriers, motivation and values related to substance use.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): No
Training Description:

I have over 14 years of experience in the treatment of OCD in children and adults. I also provide psychological testing services to derive accurate diagnoses and treatment planning, as well as to receive a deeper understanding of any co-occurring mental health issues. We function in the context of our experiences and our identity is a significant part of our behavior. Therefore, I incorporate how ethnicity, cultural beliefs and environment may inform mental health functioning as well.

I have presented a TEDx talk on how we as a society can effectively and confidently change the narrative of inequity. I have also written a book on the experience of women of color living in America, titled Essays of Night and Daylight. Additionally, I have also conducted training within various organizations on genuinely and safely addressing inequity.