Tahney C. Johnston PsyD

16769 Bernardo Center dr suite 1 # 182
San Diego, California 92128
ADA Accessible
Phone: 6196097134
Narrative of Services:

one quarter of my practice is OCD cases, and I hope for it to be the majority and if not all my caseload overtime. I have treated 5-10 clients currently with ERP specifically but have treated over 50 with co-occurring issues with other modalities.

Training Description:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute (CBI) – 4 day exposure and response prevention (ERP)intensive training
Currently completing 32 week CBI ERP Certification program

Diversity Statement:

I am a former Navy Veteran and military spouse. I enjoy working with the military and am working to take tricare in the near future. I have also worked in college counseling centers , outpatient hospitals, inpatient facilities and even on an aircraft carrier.

Being a Navy veteran I got the opportunity to be in almost every area of the country and work with diverse clients and colleagues from gender, race, sexual orientation, age, and religious background. I went to an international school focused on multicultural awareness. I have taken many ceus and continue to expand my knowledge of the cultures of clients I have in my practice to be more competent. I practice self-awareness and how my identity can shape and affect others and like to openly understand any impacts culture has in therapy with every client.