Elliot Kaminetzky PhD

90 Broad Street
Suite 212
New York, New York 10004
Narrative of Services:

My practice provides intensive and standard courses of exposure and response prevention treatment to individuals with moderate to severe OCD. Additionally, I provide training, supervision, and consultation for clinicians in diagnosing and treating OCD.

The intensive program combines individual and group therapy components to maximize cost effectiveness of treatment. I also provide standard individual courses of care. I have treated over 100 individuals with OCD in both individual and group therapy. I have had success treating individuals who have had unsuccessful courses of prior treatment which is analyzed carefully within the assessment.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I specialize in the treatment of OCD – particularly complex presentation such as mental OCD (AKA ‘Pure-O’) and somatically focused OCD (E.g. intrusive thinking about blinking/swallowing/heart beat). I completed my Ph.D. at Hofstra University where I received training in third wave behavioral therapies such as ACT and DBT which inform my approach. I completed 2 years of predoctoral training at The Reeds Center, an OCD and anxiety disorders speciality practice. I completed my postdoctoral fellowship at the OCD Center at Northwell Health (formerly Northshore-LIJ) under Dr. Anthony Pinto – a member of the IOCDF scientific advisory board.

Diversity Statement:

OCD is a condition which strikes at our values. For many, religious, cultural, and ethical values may be the content of intrusive thoughts and in providing treatment I am careful to consider these values when providing OCD care – learning how to accurately decipher meaningful religious experience from compulsive behavior.

I have provided exposure therapy for individuals for racially and economically diverse populations. I am particularly qualified to treat individuals with religious scrupulosity among Orthodox/Ultra-Orthodox Jewish given my extensive knowledge of Jewish law and culture.