Loran Kelly PhD

1410 17th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Narrative of Services:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing outpatient psychotherapy to individuals of all ages. My outpatient psychotherapy practice focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of OCD, OC-spectrum disorders, and anxiety disorders. About 60% of my practice is the treatment of OCD.

My specialties include the treatment of OCD, OC-spectrum disorders (body dysmorphia, hair pulling, skin picking, tics), and anxiety disorders (generalized, social, separation, selective mutism, panic, phobias, illness, somatic). My therapeutic approach is grounded in evidence-based techniques, namely exposure therapy, ERP, CBT, and ACT. My doctoral education and training were completed at Vanderbilt University.

Training Description:

I have extensive knowledge and training in the treatment of OCD, with years of experience in school, hospital, and private practice settings. I first began working with OCD in 2014 as a graduate student. I then worked as a Behavior Specialist at Rogers Behavioral Health Nashville utilizing exposure therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders at the partial hospitalization level. I subsequently treated OCD in several private practice settings throughout my graduate school and professional career. Most of my professional clinical work is made up of the treatment of OCD, OC-spectrum, and anxiety disorders.