Elizabeth J. Kim BCBA

28310 Roadside Drive, #205
Agoura Hills, California 91301
ADA Accessible
Phone: 7473342398
Narrative of Services:

Currently, I have patients with OCD related disorders, and a few with PANDAS as well. I have a total of 12 patients. 12/12 patients also have anxiety, 10/12 have OCD, 2/12 have PANDAS and non-binary patient.

I enjoy working with all populations. Human soul is not determined by color, race, religion or even gender. It’s so individually unique and beautiful.

Training Description:

Over 20 years of training in self-injurious behavior (SIB), including trichotillomania, dermatillomania and other BFRB related behaviors, with ACT, Habit Reversal, ERP, Behavioral Skills Training, that are functionally derived and identified in order to provide meaningful and functionally related treatment plans. I have attended numerous trainings and supervision (both in-person and via remote) and with Dr. Steven Hayes, Dr. Lisa Coynes, Dr. Greg Hanley, Dr. Louise Hayes, Dr. Robyn Walser and Dr. Mattheiu Villette, and many more.

I seek ongoing knowledge, education and wisdom by reading books and attending training to expand my awareness and cultural sensitivity, so I can better support my clients with compassion, equanimity, and understanding. I have been in this field for nearly 30 years, so I have worked with diverse populations.