Eunice Kim, PhD

12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, California 92130

Narrative of Services:

Approximately 50% of our practice is children or adults with OCD or related disorders. Most of our practice focuses on anxiety disorders more generally, including GAD, phobias, social anxiety, and trichotillomania. We also have a specialist in eating disorders.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD for 13 years and received training in CBT, ERP, and habit reversal training at the UCLA Child Anxiety, OCD, and Tic Disorders Program. I worked at UCLA from 2004-2016, where I was a clinician on multiple research studies of OCD and tic disorders in children. I provided manualized ERP and habit reversal training to children age 7-17. In my private practice, I have also treated numerous adults with OCD using ERP and CBT, and adults with tic disorders using habit reversal/CBIT.

Diversity Statement:

All of our clinicians have extensive experience working with diverse populations.