Jayme Kolbo, LPCC

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Phone: (651)434-5151

Narrative of Services:

100% of my practice is specialized for individuals with OCD, generalized anxiety, specific phobias, hoarding disorder, social anxiety, panic, body-focused repetitive behaviors, and other related anxiety disorders along with occurring mood disorders. I have experience working with individuals with many different phobias and sub-types of OCD, including intrusive thoughts/compulsive rumination.
I provide a nonjudgmental, supportive, and collaborative environment utilizing ERP, CBT, self-compassion, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and humor. I incorporate DBT and HRT/ComB into therapy as needed. Together, we will create a treatment plan custom fit to help you reach your goals and stop living out of fear.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Mood disorders

Training Description:

Multiple years of experience treating OCD and related anxiety disorders, Workshops/Continuing Education Presentations from multiple experts in the field including Exposure Therapy for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD: Step-By-Step, Changing the OCD Mindset- Rapidly, and more, Psychiatry Review Conference with NEABPD Conference (2016), IOCDF Annual OCD Conference (multiple years), IOCDF Annual Hoarding Meeting (multiple years), Supervision with professionals in the field, Ongoing Therapist Consultation

Diversity Statement:

I have experience working with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds. I aim to practice cultural humility and prioritize celebrating each individual in regards to race, gender sexual orientation, SES, abilities, age, religion, and other identified statuses.

My training at Saint Mary’s included cultural competency. I have also completed continuing education credits on Culturally Responsive Counseling/Cultural Humility.

Treatment Group:

OCD Support Group: I co-facilitate two support groups for anyone with OCD who is either in ERP currently or who has completed ERP in the past. Group consists of mindfulness practice, psychoeducation on OCD and ERP, group discussions, group exposure practices, and goal-making. Insurance not accepted (self-pay only). Currently meeting virtually.