Frank Kuehn, LICSW, M.Ed. ACT

Social Worker
10 Langley Road
Suite 401
Newton, Massachusetts 02459

Narrative of Services:

I have treated approximately 50 individuals for OCD spectrum disorders and OCD treatment makes up 50% of my practice (part time) since 2015.
I am offering additional discounts to patients who are BIPOC.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes

Training Description:

I have trained with CBT experts since 2013 and earned diplomate status with ACT in 2015. I have been treating clients with OCD since that time and have continued professional development in that area through the Beck Institute and others. I participate in twice-monthly peer supervision with CBT therapists many of whom are affiliated with IOCDF, ABCT, ACT and the Beck Institute.

I am a Professor at Salem State University School of Social Work. Much of the focus of our program is on social justice. This summer we are revamping our curriculum to adopt an anti-racist stance, as opposed to a focus on diversity alone. I have 18 years experience working as a school mental health provider in a large multicultural, multi-international public high school outside of Boston, MA where I regularly provided counseling services to teens and families from around the world and within the inner city of Boston through our METCO program.