Andrea Kulberg PhD


Clinical Director

250 Storke Road
Suite 7
Goleta, California 93117
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Kulberg and her team at Anxiety Experts combine ERP with traditional CBT and ACT. Her practice is focused almost entirely on the treatment of OCD and related disorders, including all types of eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

In-person and virtual weekly outpatient therapy are offered, as well as a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP) for California residents. Click the link to learn more:

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

In addition to being specialized in ERP and ACT, several of our team members have worked at higher levels of care with eating disorder patients and our Clinical Director is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.

Training Description:

Dr. Kulberg has over 20 years of experience in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders and eating disorders. She is BTTI trained by the International OCD Foundation, a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and is an exposure therapy expert, having worked in both residential and outpatient settings. She and her team of therapists and Registered Dietitians provide individualized outpatient and Virtual Intensive Outpatient (VIOP) treatment to severe cases of all ages.

Treatment Groups:

We offer adult and adolescent virtual ERP groups, click the link to learn more: