Marika Kyrimis PhD

1700 Westlake Ave N
Suite 200
Seattle, Washington 98109
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

My practice specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD, other anxiety disorders and mood disorders. I provide individual treatment for adults and late adolescents. Half of my clients have OCD or OCD related disorders. My goal is to provide individualized, compassionate, effective, evidence-based treatment for individuals with anxiety and mood disorders. My approach for OCD includes Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), cognitive therapy, and relaxation skills. When appropriate, I also use mindfulness techniques, components of Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) and Schema Therapy to enhance the treatment and support the client’s movement toward accomplishing treatment goals.

Training Description:

I received my PhD from American University, and I have been a licensed psychologist treating OCD for 15 years. During my internship at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center and my postdoctoral fellowship at the Cornell Cognitive Therapy Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical Center, I gained in-depth experience using exposure and response prevention (ERP) for individuals with OCD. For 8 years I was on the faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College providing supervision and training for interns, postdoctoral fellows, and residents in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and mood disorders.