Jeanette Lantz PhD


Clinical Psychologist

PO Box 7899
Tacoma, Washington 98417
Phone: 2537921077
Narrative of Services:

I offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) including Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) and Habit Reversal Training (HRT) for skin picking and hair pulling. I integrate mindfulness techniques and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into the work I do. I see clients who live in either Washington or California, and do therapy exclusively by online videotherapy. Approximately half of my full time private practice is with people who are working to overcome OCD.

I gained extensive experience working with multicultural populations during my training and work in the greater Los Angles area from 2003-2016. I value the discussion of how class, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and sexuality intersect to create each persons’ unique lived experience. I have experience working with people from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds, including atheism and agnosticism.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes
Training Description:

I have worked with clients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and OCD spectrum disorders in private practice since 2010. I trained for 6 years treating OCD, Skin Picking, and Trichotillomania under an IOCDF supervising member who has been lecturing on and treating OCD for over 30 years. I have provided consultation and supervision to other clinicians treating OCD for the past 5 years.

During my graduate and postdoctoral training, cultural competency was highlighted. I sought seminars, training, and supervision in working with people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, a range of spiritual and religious identifications, and across the gender and sexuality spectrum. I welcome each client’s unique and intersectional identities and am equipped to explore ways this may shape their experience of OCD and related disorders. In my personal and professional life I value relationships with people from different backgrounds and continue to do my own work to understand and dismantle my white and cis- privilege that I can be an ally.