Cynthia Last PhD

7777 Glades Rd.
Suite 317
Boca Raton, Florida 33434
Narrative of Services:

During the past 30 years, I've treated literally thousands of people- from age 4 to 94- with anxiety disorders. Typically, at least half of my caseload includes children, adolescents, and adults with OCD or OC-spectrum disorders- compulsive rituals; pure obsessions (violent; sexual; blasphemous; existential); hoarding; body dysmorphic disorder; trichotillomania/skin picking; tics; and more. As a CBT therapist, I often use exposure and response prevention and habit reversal training. However, I do not believe in a "one treatment fits all" approach, where individual differences are ignored. By conducting a careful behavioral analysis of each person's condition, I formulate a customized treatment plan that draws from all CBT techniques available. This individualized approach maximizes success because it considers the specific factors that trigger and maintain the problem.

Training Description:

Throughout graduate school, internship, and a two-year postdoctoral fellowship, my training specialized in the assessment and cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders. I was fortunate to be mentored by the "very best", professionals internationally known for their expertise in this area. Throughout my 30 year career, I have found that my other professional activities have enhanced my clinical practice- as a book author/editor (e.g., "Help for Worried Kids: How your Child can Conquer Anxiety and Fear"); teacher; clinical supervisor; consultant; Scientific Advisory Board member for the Anxiety Disorders Association of America; clinical researcher; "interviewee" for national media (e.g., The New York Times; USA Today; Parents magazine; ABC's "The View," Sirius/FM "Doctor's Radio," WebMD News); founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Anxiety Disorders; and founder/director of anxiety disorder clinics for children, adolescents, and adults.