Julia Lawrence LCSW

Social Worker
225 Broadway
Suite 2070
New York, New York 10007
ADA Accessible
Phone: 9144003724
Narrative of Services:

I offer both structured intensive ERP to individuals struggling with a newer OCD diagnosis, as well as those who are looking for ongoing general psychotherapy for a different presenting problem, but needs someone who understands the nature of OCD and intrusive thoughts. Many of my OCD clients struggle with OCD around scrupulosity, sexuality, contamination, harm to self or others, perinatal/postpartum OCD, relationship OCD and general struggles with intrusive thoughts, order and symmetry, and general self doubt.

Training Description:

I have been specializing in OCD since completing Mass General Hospital’s Psychiatry Academy intensive ERP and CBT training. In addition, I was supervised under a BTTI trained ERP therapist for my first four years completing ERP training. I have also completed two Beck Institute CBT trainings for other anxiety and panic disorders.