Lacie Lazaroe PhD

1936 Bruce B Downs Boulevard
UNIT 486
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544
ADA Accessible
Phone: 3523251884
Narrative of Services:

I began my training in treating OCD and anxiety disorders as an undergraduate in 2013, and began formal training to be a therapist in 2015 at UF’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program and UF’s Intensive OCD Program, where I saw patients regularly from 2015 til graduation in 2021. I identified early on that OCD and anxiety was what I wanted to specialize in and conduct research in, and have worked with hundreds of patients since. My current practice sees majoritively patients with OCD or an anxiety disorder (about 90% of caseload), and we offer intensive services.

Training Description:

I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on child/pediatrics. My specialty is in anxiety, phobias, and OCD. I received nearly a decade (2013-2022) of specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Exposure Response Prevention (CBT/E/RP), the gold standard treatment for most anxiety disorders, from leading experts in anxiety and OCD treatment, at the University of Florida (undergraduate, graduate, and internship training) and University of South Florida (post doctoral training). I have worked in private practice since 2022.

Diversity Statement:

I strongly value non-biased compassion, empathy, and a strong therapeutic bond. Fear, anxiety, low mood, and interpersonal problems all occur in the unique context of each patient’s life, and are often affected by culture, family, race/ethnicity, school/work, and religion. It is my honor to get to know patients lives and creatively work with them to find strategies that fit within their unique lives.