Kimberly H Lemite PhD

8100 Three Chopt Road
Suite 127
Henrico, Virginia 23229
ADA Accessible
Phone: 434-466-1588
Narrative of Services:

OCD clients are a growing segment of the current client base. Aligned Clinical & Educational Services (‘ACES’) is a multidisciplinary family-focused clinical practice treating mental health conditions in individuals (child-Adulthood). Therapists, Diagnostic Clinicians, Psychiatrists, and Social Workers improve quality of life w high quality assessment, evidence based therapies, including ERP, and consultation approaches.

Training Description:

Now working privately with OCD clients for last year under supervision of another IOCDF trained LCP. In the case of OCD spectrum disorders, my training in the diagnosis of childhood (age 5 – 25) disorders including ASD, Anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning Problems, Language based disabilities, Sensory conditions lends itself to treatment and teasing apart co occurring conditions. Worked with ASD clients in schools for 15 years.

Diversity Statement:

The need to reach all groups is the commitment of ACES and this work includes a monthly roundtable discussion to address the needs of a variety of populations including BIPOC, LGBTQ, & Deaf/Hard of Hearing clients.