Ronit Levy PsyD


Clinical Director, Bucks County Anxiety Center

The Atrium, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 11
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Levy and her associates provide CBT for Anxiety Disorders and anxiety due to ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, chronic illness, and stressful life events. Dr. Levy and her staff are trained in ERP. Approximately 60% of patients in the practice are struggling with OCD. Most of those patients are dealing with multiple difficulties including health, relationship, financial, and job/school issues. Dr. Levy and her associates also work with family members of individuals who are dealing with OCD, hoarding, and a variety of anxiety disorders. Face to face and phone sessions are available.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

Dr. Levy has worked with patients struggling with OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders for over 15 years. She is the clinical director of Bucks County Anxiety Center, a private practice specializing in CBT for anxiety due to Anxiety Disorders, OCD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, chronic illness, and stressful life events. Dr. Levy completed her Doctorate at Albert Einstein Medical School. She dual specialized in CBT for anxiety disorders and OCD spectrum disorders as well as neuropsychology. She trained at the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and completed her internship and post doctoral fellowship at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Diversity Statement:
Bucks County Anxiety Center serves patients from a range of geographic, religious, racial, and financial backgrounds. Approximately 75% of our patients are from Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs in Bucks County and New Jersey. The remaining 25% are phone session patients located throughout PA and NY.

All of our clinicians have worked in various settings including hospitals, community mental health, schools, and private practice in major cities and suburbs. All of our clinicians have extensive experience working with individuals and families from a wide variety of geographical, racial, religious, and financial backgrounds.