Joyce Li Ph.D., C.Psych.

692 Euclid Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2T9
Phone: 289-724-5885
Narrative of Services:

At Sunrise Psychology, we assess and treat OCD and co-occuring conditions, including depression, anxiety, and behavioural challenges. Whether meeting in-person or virtually, we work hard to engage youth in treatment by making therapy a fun, nonjudgmental, and motivating experience. We know that OCD affects the whole family, so we also work closely with parents/caregivers to increase treatment success and promote a healthy home environment.

Training Description:

All of the child & adolescent psychologists at our practice have extensive training and experience providing treatment for youth with OCD. Prior to starting my private practice, I completed a residency rotation and then worked full-time in a hospital-based pediatric OCD clinic. I have assessed and treated OCD and PANS/PANDAS among children and youth ranging from ages 4 to 20.