Alex Littleton PsyD

333 W Hampden Ave, Suite 1040
Englewood, Colorado 80110
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Vivid Psychology Group is a collaborative team of psychologists located in Denver, Colorado. Our treatment providers specialize in treating anxiety-related issues (including generalized anxiety, worrying, OCD, phobias, and panic attacks).

We offer individual therapy (in-person and virtual) for teens & adults as well as SPACE treatment for children (a highly effective parent-facing anxiety/OCD treatment).

As a practice, we have treated hundreds of individuals with anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, overthinking, and related issues.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I work with a trauma-informed approach, and am able to treat most issues related to anxiety, OCD, trauma, mood disorders, and more.

Training Description:

Since 2018, Dr. Alex Littleton has developed a specialty in OCD and anxiety treatment via focused externships, expert supervision, post-doctoral trainings, thousands of clinical hours, and continued education in research-supported treatments (including ERP, CBT, ACT, DBT, and SPACE).

His practice, Vivid Psychology Group, is located in Denver, CO and offers in-person and virtual treatment for OCD, anxiety, and related disorders for all ages.

In addition to treating anxiety & OCD, our trauma-informed providers can help with depression, PTSD, mood disorders, relationship issues, and much more.

Diversity Statement:

Extensive training through graduate studies related to inclusivity, cultural competency, and diversity.