Michelle Litwer Psy.D.

933 Montgomery Ave.
Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072
ADA Accessible
Phone: 267-503-4696
Narrative of Services:

I provide ERP treatment for individuals with OCD. 15% percent of my clients meet criteria for OCD and/or OC related disorders. I have treated about 50 individuals that meet criteria for OCD.

Training Description:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist since 2018 graduating from Nova Southeastern University. I have been treating OCD patients since graduate school (2013) where I worked at the anxiety and OCD treatment center. I worked at a group practice in New York City for three years specializing in CBT therapy, particularly ERP for OCD. I have experience and expertise treating different types of OCD including harm OCD, relationship OCD, pedophilia OCD, contamination OCD, and checking OCD.