Michael Maher, PhD

The Reeds Center
7 West 36th Street
New York, New York 10018

Narrative of Services:

A substantial portion of our practice is dedicated to the treatment of OCD and OCD-spectrum disorders. We offer intensive treatment multiple times per week. I’ve treated over a thousand clients with OCD and related disorders and I’ve supervised and consulted on several thousand more. Our center also specializes in the treatment of other anxiety, mood and eating disorders making us unique in our ability to offer evidence-based therapies to clients with comorbid challenges. We also consult on and treat individuals who have been resistent to treatment and we offer ACT plus ERP for client’s who have struggled with ERP alone.

We frequently work with clients presenting with additional challenges to OCD and OCD spectrum disorders including eating disorders, trauma, depression, generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, and ADHD. We also work with clients with OCD who are experiencing medical illness and health concerns.

Training Description:

I’ve been treating OCD and OCD-spectrum disorders for almost 20 years. I currently train therapists in CBT, ERP and ACT. I was trained in CBT and ERP at the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Rutgers University under Dr. Michael Petronko. I later worked as a clinical researcher and study therapist at Columbia University’s Center for Obsessive-Compulsive Treatment under Dr. Blair Simpson. In that role I received advanced ERP training and ongoing supervision by Dr. Edna Foa and colleagues at The University of Pennsylvania’s CTSA. I also served as lead study therapist at Columbia’s OCD Center and trained and supervised therapists there.

Diversity Statement:

As therapist living in NYC, I’ve had the privilege to work with client’s from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and with clients from LGBTQ communities. I value diversity and the opportunity to learn from and work with clients from diverse backgrounds.

My early training in diversity as a psychologist came through a seminar offered by Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin in graduate school. Prior to that I volunteered with an organization committed to helping individuals with HIV and AIDS. I’ve also worked in India with an organization providing medical outreach services to impoverished individuals in rural areas of western India.