Angela Malek LPC

2144 Hilton Head
Austin, Texas 78751
ADA Accessible
Phone: 5125653596
Narrative of Services:

I offer ERP for clients with OCD and offer COMB (a comprehensive behavioral therapy) for clients with trichotillomania and excoriation disorders. About 50% of the clients in my practice have one of these disorders and I have treated people with hair pulling and skin picking for the past 10 years.

Training Description:

I am certified in ERP through the Cognitive Behavior Institute. In order to get certified, I completed a 4 day training in ERP and then participated in a consult group that met every week for 32 weeks with an OCD expert who is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, I participate in a peer group with other therapists who actively treat people with OCD. I was trained in a comprehensive cognitive behavioral model to treat BFRBs through the TLC (Trichotillomania Learning Center) foundation

Diversity Statement:

I am LGTBQ affirming and welcome all people to my counseling practice.