Gayle Maloney M.Psych; PhD


24 Colin Street
Perth OCD Clinic
West Perth, Western Australia 6005
Phone: 0413570222
Narrative of Services:
The Perth OCD Clinic is a psychological treatment, training and research clinic for OCD sufferers and their families in Western Australia. We work primarily in the provision of clinical treatment of OCD. The vast majority of our clients have a primary diagnosis of OCD and/or an OC related disorder.

We also provide training workshops in OCD to mental health professionals. To ensure that the Perth OCD Clinic clinic remains at the forefront of OCD treatment, we collaborate on research projects with the Yale OCD Research Clinic on the development, testing and publication of adjunct psychological strategies for treatment resistant OCD.

OCD sufferers are provided with a detailed initial assessment, which then forms the basis for the development of an individualised treatment plan. OCD psycho-education is provided, along with evidence-based cognitive interventions that enables progression through an exposure and response prevention treatment hierachy to work through the client’s treatment goals at their own pace. Evidence-based treatment for any co-occuring disorders is also provided. Common co-occuring psychological disorders that I have experience in treating are OC related disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, PND, and trauma.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes
Training Description:

Dr Gayle Maloney is the Director at the Perth OCD Clinic, and Assistant Clinical
Professor at Yale OCD Research Clinic. Dr Maloney earned a Masters degree and PhD focusing on etiological factors underlying perfectionism. She was awarded a Fulbright fellowship in 2015 to work at Yale University under the mentorship of a current IOCDF member of the scientific advisory board.

Dr Gayle Maloney has provided treatment to hundreds of OCD sufferers and their families in Perth for over 20 years. She has published and presented OCD research in peer-reviewed journal articles; and at national and international OCD conferences and symposiums.