Amy Mariaskin, PhD

1317 16th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Narrative of Services:

I specialize in the treatment of individuals across the lifespan who suffer from OCD, anxiety, tic disorders, and OC spectrum disorders. About 85% of my clientele have OCD or OC spectrum disorders. I have worked with hundreds of individuals with OCD across the lifespan.

Training Description:

I have worked with individuals with OCD and OCD-spectrum disorders for the past 9 years. During my graduate study at Duke University, I worked with the Pediatric OCD Treatment Study and its affiliated faculty members. Moreover, I have published articles and book chapters on the topic of OCD and OC-spectrum disorders. During internship, I worked with the OCD Treatment Clinic at the Unviersity of Florida.

In addition to my private practice, I am also Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Services for Rogers Behavioral Health-Nashville, an intensive treatment program for youth with OCD, anxiety, and eating disorders.