Gloria Mathis, PhD

11227 Lockwood. Dr
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Narrative of Services:

Our agency caseload is 50% or more OCD and OC Related Disorders. I have treated 100 or more clients with OCD or OC Related Disorders.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I completed my Post-doctoral training at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute under the supervision of a senior therapist in the field, who is on the Scientific Advisory Board and the faculty of the BTTIs. I have been treating patients with OCD for 10 years and currently work with a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, who also provides peer supervision.

Diversity Statement:

My graduate training was completed in Hawaii, a location with high diversity, and I worked in schools with the native Hawaiian population. My APA-accredited internship was conducted in a Community Mental Health Center, which involved a highly diverse and often low-income clientele.