Melissa McHugh Dillon PhD., BCBA

1210 Cottonwood Creek Trl. Suite 510
Cedar Park, Texas 78613
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I would estimate that about 50-80% of my services are geared towards OCD and OC related disorders and although the the total number is difficult to estimate, I’ve roughly treated about 200+ individuals with OCD over the years.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I often treat patients with a combination of co-occurring disorders such as OCD and ASD, or OCD and Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, or OCD and ADHD.

Training Description:

I began training in OCD during graduate school at the University of Southern MS and then treated individuals with developmental disabilities, some of whom had co-occurring OCD during post-doc at Kennedy Krieger Institute. After licensure, I joined a group practice in Austin specializing in the treatment of OCD and related disorders for three years. While there, a significant portion of my clients had OCD and other anxiety disorders. I have attended numerous trainings and workshops on OCD, the IOCDF conference, and am most interested in applying this knowledge to children and adolescents and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Diversity Statement:

I strive to be culturally humble and have worked with families of various ethnicities, religious, and socio economic backgrounds. If someone had a specific question about my work with a certain multicultural population, I’d encourage them to reach out and ask about my previous experiences. At times, I have been asked by other practitioners to help them conceptualize treatment for their clients with both OCD and ASD.

As a psychologist and BCBA, I frequently take trainings related not only to cultural competency but cultural humility to maintain expertise in ethics across these disciplines. These trainings are important not only in helping me to conceptualize clients, but in helping to better understand how my own cultural upbringing influences my values so that I’m able to be considerate of that and be mindful not to impose my own values in work with clients who may value different ideals.