Dana Mckennon PsyD

175 Olde Half Day Road
Suite 140-10
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
ADA Accessible
Phone: 630-373-0241
Narrative of Services:

45 % of my practice is with individuals with OCD, in particular, Scrupulosity and Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety and Selective Mutism.

Training Description:

I attended the BTTI training at the Rogers Behavior Hospital, Oconomowoc location, in Wisconsin in 2017. Since then I have been applying ERP to children and adolescents. I learned a great deal from my supervisor affiliated with UCLA.

Diversity Statement:

While completing a Psy.D. program, I received intensive group and experiential training. I have also worked with families from various cultures in treating children with selective mutism requiring sensitivity and honoring bilingualism.