Kathleen Clark M.S., LPC, Ph.D.

Counselor, Psychologist
2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd.
Building 8, Suite 101
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Narrative of Services:

OCD and related disorders are often life limiting and can be debilitating. I work to establish a compassionate and goal directed working relationship with my clients that collaboratively involves structured exposure work (along with compassionate support) in session as well as for homework. My practice focuses extensively on OCD related disorders and the often complicated issues that occur along with them (e.g., substance use, eating disorders, autism spectrum). I love working with children, adolescents, and adults in creative ways to experience healing. More than 75% of my work is focused on OC related concerns.

OCD often occurs with and is exacerbated by other concerns. OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorders often co-occur and/or have similar characteristics that require specialized assessment. I offer the assessment, as well as the specific and differential treatment required. I have over 20 years working with substance and addictive issues and the co-existence with OCD and related disorders. I utilize DBT, ERP, and ACT as well as interpersonal therapy to address these issues.

 Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes
Training Description:

I have more than 20 years experience providing psychotherapeutic services. I have specific training in OCD and related disorders on the doctoral level and continuously seek continuing education training on specific interventions relevant to OCD. I am specifically trained in providing CBT, DBT, ERP, and ACT as they relate to treating OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders.

My clinical work is informed by cultural competency training and awareness. I seek on going training in order to support clients from a variety of cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.