Charles Melville, PhD

25 Lenox Pointe
Suite B
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Narrative of Services:

For the past 25 years I have specialized in treating anxiety disorders in my full-time private practice. I primarily use CBT which means that ERP is my primary focus with OCD. For the past 15 years OCD has been the most common problems I've treated. There is a psychiatrist in our office with whom I work closely when meds are utilized. I sometimes do intensive five-day programs out of the office, or refer to Reid Wilson's weekend intensive in North Carolina, Alec Pollard's more long-term day treatment program in St. Louis, or to McLean in Boston, MA when residential care seems most appropriate.

Training Description:

My early training in treating OCD goes back about 30 years. Through AABT (now ABCT), and ADAA, which I joined close to their founding, I have had many OCD workshops and day-long institutes. The IOCDF Annual Conferences have been a rich source for my development in the field and I have perhaps benefitted most from formal and informal contacts with leading professionals in the OCD arena. Conducting about five IOCDF workshops has also been very beneficial. I've also learned a lot from supervising and consulting on OCD cases with Atlanta therapists and from leading an OCD support group from about 1990-1997.