Meshulem Michael Epstein LCSW

Social Worker
1021 Moosic Street
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18510
Narrative of Services:

I maintain a Private Practice in Lakewood NJ (mon,tues wed), and in Scranton PA (thurs, fri). I have one associate. Approx 85% of my practice is OCD and over 90% of that is Scrupulosity. I also work with a lot of perfectionism. I have treated a number of OCPD cases as well. I would have to estimate that I have treated a few hundred clients. I have also given numerous trainings for clinicians and educators. This past November I gave an all-day training in CBT for OCD in Lakewood.

Training Description:

I attended a Rabbinical Seminary for several years, and then attended Marywood University here in Scranton for my Master's in Social Work. After working in Geriatrics for 2 years I began concentrating on clinical work. After being invited to join a practice in the very religious town of Lakewood NJ, I began treating OCD in earnest. Since approximately 2002 I have attended numerous IOCDF conferences.