David Meyerson PhD

1013 N. Bethlehem Pike
2nd Floor
Spring House, Pennsylvania 19002
Narrative of Services:

I developed the "Overcome OCD!" Treatment Program in 1996 to help people suffering with OCD. My office is a private and quiet setting. We first complete a thorough evaluation to determine the correct diagnosis and to learn important details about your OCD. Next, we apply the CBT technique of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) specifically for your symptoms, meeting twice weekly during this intensive treatment phase. Finally, I teach patients how to prevent relapse. Family members may be involved in treatment, and if needed, you may continue in psychotherapy to address additional concerns. Treatment is coordinated with your other health care providers.

Training Description:

Before I developed the "Overcome OCD!" Treatment Program in 1996, I received top-notch clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at the Clinical Psychology doctoral program of the University of Iowa, earning my PhD in 1992. A year of training in the Psychiatry Department at the Temple University School of Medicine offered intensive experience providing CBT and other psychological services within numerous medical settings. I received post-doctoral supervision in CBT from a board-certified CBT specialist, during which time I developed my specialty interest in treating OCD. I have specialized in treating OCD for over 12 years.