Nate Mitchell PsyD

8000 Lyndon Centre Way
Suite 102
Louisville, Kentucky 40222
ADA Accessible
Phone: 502-472-7629
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Mitchell has successfully worked with hundreds of patients with OCD (and related disorders) in the Louisville, KY area. While Dr. Mitchell does not exclusively work with patients diagnosed with OCD (and related disorders), nearly 85-90% of patients seeking treatment are diagnosed with OCD. Further, Dr. Mitchell prides himself in creativity and flexibility with which he works with patients utilizing ERP. Finally, Dr. Mitchell enjoys working with patients with co-occurring disorders.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

OCD (and related disorders) are very often not eperienced in isolation, but rather patients fight OCD *PLUS* mood disorders, anxiety disorders, health concerns, situational stressors, etc.
Dr Mitchell can help you navigate treatment for co-occuring conditions with understanding, kindness, flexibility, and researched-based interventions.

Training Description:

Dr Mitchell has extensive post-doctoral training regarding the treatment of OCD (and related disorders), including several BTTI. He has worked with with hundreds of patients with OCD (and related disorders) and is passionate about this area of expertise.