Dominic C. Moceri, PhD

2075 West Big Beaver Road
Suite 520
Troy, Michigan 48084

Narrative of Services:

Dr. Dominic C. Moceri conducts psychological assessments and outpatient psychotherapy. He works with children, adolescents, and adults with OCD, anxiety disorders (including social anxiety disorder and selective mutism), Tourette Syndrome, tic disorders, misophonia, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, and more. He specializes in using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), including exposure and response prevention (ERP), habit reversal training (HRT), parent management training (PMT), organizational skills, and problem solving. Dr. Moceri works collaboratively with his patients and their families to create a stepwise plan that brings them closer to their individual and cultural values. Approximately 30%-50% of his patients have OCD spectrum disorders.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

Dr. Moceri received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University. During his graduate training, Dr. Moceri trained at three specialty sites for OCD: (1) two years at the Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders Clinic at Rutgers; (2) a “summer camp” at New York University Child Study Center; and (3) a year at the University of Florida OCD Program. These sites provided in-depth training in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), including exposure and response prevention (ERP), and habit reversal training (HRT).

Diversity Statement:
Dr. Moceri works with a wide variety of diverse clients. While most of his patients are of European ancestry due to local demographics, he frequently works with patients who are African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian American (including Indian and Japanese). A small portion are of Arabic ethnicity. Most of his patients identify as Christian (Protestant and Catholic), Jewish (including Modern Orthodox and cultural Judaism), spiritual, atheist, or agnostic; but some identify as Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim. Several patients identify as a gender and sexual minorities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. A variety of socioeconomic status (SES) communities are represented.

Dr. Moceri has attended a variety of trainings on the topics of diversity and multiculturalism. These include a multitude of classes and seminars during his doctoral and internship training, in-service trainings at this current place of employment, and attending local community organizations, such as Stand with Trans who provide empowerment and support for transgender youth and their families. These trainings and seminars have emphasized the complexity of race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status (SES), and gender and sexual minority identities (i.e., LBGTQ+). They also stressed the importance of intersectionality of multiple identities and recognizing one’s own diverse backgrounds and potential internal biases.