Natasha Moharter LPCC, CPC, LCMHC, NCC


Founder & CEO of The Online Counselor, PLLC

7318 W. Post Road
Suite 211
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
Phone: 8777333001
Narrative of Services:

Since 10/2021 at least 75%+ of my work with clients has been with those experiencing OCD symptoms.

Training Description:

I was trained in Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) through a 4-day training with NOCD in 9/2021. Currently I have over 1 year of consistently providing ERP to clients via telehealth.

Diversity Statement:

My practice is located in Las Vegas, NV, and I’m licensed to see clients via telehealth in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Vermont.

I intentionally seek out continuing education and personal experiences that help me learn more about various aspects of culture and intersectionality. It is also a value of mine to continue to learn about various approaches and ways to best support my clients that are meaningful to them personally.