Frank Morelli MA, LMHC

P.O. Box 600100
Jacksonville, Florida 32260-0100
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Over the years, Mr. Morelli has served hundreds of children, teens, adults, and families. His practice is devoted exclusively to OCD and Anxiety Disorders. As a skilled lecturer, Mr. Morelli has provided education and training in ERP to over 200 of his colleagues. His practice is 100% telehealth serving the state of Florida.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Mr. Morelli treats all anxiety disorders and depression with CBT. He is also a PTSD specialist, having completed training in Prolonged Exposure Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014.

Training Description:

Mr. Morelli has more than 20 years experience In treating OCD. He is a Primary Practitioner of REBT, one of the original cognitive behavioral therapies, awarded in 1998. He possesses more than 200 hours of CBT training. Mr. Morelli devoted a year in consultation with a master OCD clinician to sharpen his skills. He is past president of OCD Jacksonville, and served with the executive board for 17 years.