Anna Morgan, LCSW

Social Worker
4520 36th Street
San Diego, California 92116
Phone: 619-431-1366

Narrative of Services:

I mainly offer Telehealth services (telephone and video) and run/walk therapy, which combines benefits of the outdoors. I have successfully treated at least 30 patients with OCD, some with hair pulling and skin picking. I’ve completed BTTI training with consultations. I mostly work with adults and some teens.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): No

Training Description:

I have been providing CBT based treatment since 2012. I have worked (and still do some work) in specialty CBT IOP at Sharp Mesa Vista. In individual therapy, I mostly utilize CBT, DBT skills, and ERP with combination of some ACT for treating OCD. For many years I treated anxiety and depression along with other disorders, and my practice became more OCD focused for the past 2 years.