William W MW Morgan JD, LCSW

Social Worker
85 East Main Street
Santaquin, Utah 84655
ADA Accessible
Phone: 801-473-4345
Narrative of Services:

My primary practice in OCD. Much of my work has focused on Scrupulocity (Obsessions about worthiness).

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

We also work with Depression, Anxiety, and Relationship issues.

Training Description:

I have experienced OCD myself, as have members of my family. I have treated OCD patients for 10 years. I have attended many multi-day conferences and workshops on OCD treatment in-person and on-line. I have received advanced training in this area through the BTTI institute offered by the IOCDF.

Diversity Statement:

I speak some quite a bit of Spanish. I studied Social Work in Costa Rica. I have regularly attended church meetings for 10 years. I also speak German as I served a mission in Germany/Austria. A therapist in our clinic speaks fluent Portuguese.