Nicole Morris LMFT

2626 Saint Joe Center Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 95% of my current caseload struggles with one or more subtypes of OCD. I utilize ERP in an individual and/or family setting, and I refer out for medication support with the client’s consent.

At Hand In Hand, I treat co-occurring disorders including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and panic disorder. I have training and a good working understanding for supporting ASD and other neurodiversities with co-occurring OCD. I treat Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB’s) as well, which can be mutually exclusive from OCD.

Training Description:

I started training in early 2020 through IOCDF to present. Additionally, I bought a number of books to help aid my learning including, but not limited to, Freedom from OCD by Dr. Grayson, Overcoming BFRB’s by Dr. Mansueto, Vavrichek, LCSW-C, and Golomb, LCPC, ERP for OCD by Foa, Yadin and Lichner, CBT for Tx of Childhood OCD by Piacentini, Langly and Roblek, and The Family Guide to Getting Over OCD by Dr. Abramowitz. I’ve completed Pediatric BTTI training under the mentorship of Dr. Storch. I’m also working through the TLC Foundation’s BFRB training online.

Diversity Statement:

Cultural competency which includes, but is not limited to, understanding diversity, systematic racism and utilizing inclusive language for all people has been a pillar of my clinical practice, supervision and management. Implicit in all trainings received in CA and through National or International Foundations is an emphasis on cultural awareness, acceptance and competency. It is not mutually exclusive from clinical practice or supervision practices. Those same trainings apply to my Indiana license and continuing education, and cultural competency and advocacy for increased diversity and access to services for all continue to be of the utmost importance.

I am a seasoned clinician and supervisor with a specialized background in Birth-5 dyadic services and Reflective Supervision. I started taking trainings through IOCDF after relocating to Indiana years ago. My initial aim was to provide competency in treatment to this underserved, often misunderstood, diagnosis. I completed my Pediatric BTTI training in early 2022. I have attended multiple virtual or in-person trainings through, of which I’m a Professional Member.

Apart and separate from my work as a practitioner at HIH, I host the OCD Family Podcast as a resource and support for people who love someone with OCD.