Katherine Moss, LISW

Social Worker
4041 N High St
Suite 402G
Columbus, Ohio 43214

Narrative of Services:

I provide empirically-supported psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults, focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My areas of specialization include anxiety spectrum disorders, with particular emphasis on OCD, as well as tics/Tourette and BFRBs, and parent management training for ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders. I integrate mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches in my work, and have expertise in Acceptance-Based Behavioral Therapy for adults with anxiety.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have been in practice for 10+ years, providing empirically-supported psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. I have served as a Clinical Social Worker in Pediatric Psychiatry at NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center where I also ran the Tics, Tourette, and Related Disorders clinic. Following, I started a group private practice in Paramus, NJ, and then went on to build an independent private practice in Brooklyn, NY. During this time, I also served as faculty at Columbia University Medical Center where I trained and supervised psychology and psychiatry graduate students. Most recently I relocated my practice to Columbus, Ohio.

Diversity Statement:

I have training and experience working with a range of multicultural populations. I am committed to maintaining a culturally competent practice where all clients feel safe, respected, and affirmed. My practice welcomes individuals and families of all ages; ethnicities; genders; gender identities; nationalities; physical, mental and developmental abilities; races; religions; sexual orientations; socio-economic statuses, etc.

As an undergraduate at Brown University, I concentrated in Ethnic Studies and have since maintained an interest in issues of cultural competency and work with diverse populations. I have attended a range of graduate and post-graduate courses and trainings in multicultural issues. I have worked with varied populations including (but not limited to) juvenile offenders, various Spanish-speaking populations, Orthodox Jewish communities, transgender youth.