Sarosh J. Motivala, PhD

1081 Westwood Blvd
Suite 212
Los Angeles, California 90024

Narrative of Services:

I started Spectrum CBT to focus on helping individuals with OCD, using cognitive-behavior therapy and exposure and response prevention. Spectrum CBT as a way to offer outpatient services that focus on OCD treatment but also equally focus on the whole person – their struggles outside of OCD and their accomplishments outside of OCD. I am also Director of Training at the UCLA OCD Intensive Treatment Program, which gives me an opportunity to teach the next wave of therapists on treating individuals with OCD.

Training Description:

I have specialized training in treating OCD and in doing exposure treatments across anxiety disorders. I have been treating individuals with OCD and anxiety disorders since I started seeing clients in graduate school (1996). I am currently Director of Training at UCLA’s OCD Intensive Training Program and I have been there since 2011.